An HTML5 embed link to your Eaglercraft server that displays the server's ping and player list and (animated) MOTD text/icon
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Eaglercraft HTML5 Ping Embed

This allows you to easily embed your Eaglercraft server's ping, player list, and MOTD in a <div> element in an HTML5 document using the same style as the game's multiplayer screen

Eaglercraft HTML5 Ping Embed

How to install:

  1. Download 'embed.min.js' and 'icons.png' and upload them to your server

  2. Add the script: <script type="text/javascript" src="embed.min.js"></script>

  3. Create a <div> like: <div id="embed"></div>

  4. In your Javascript, create a new ServerEmbed object. Pass the <div> object and a CSS width as parameters:
    var embed = new ServerEmbed(document.getElementById("embed"), "500px");

  5. Call the ping function on the new object:"");

    (Replace with the ip:port or ws:// or wss:// address of your server)

  6. You're done

Extra features:

The ping function takes five arguments, four of which are optional:

ping(addr, name, forceName, hideAddress, hideCracked)
  • addr Is the ip:port or ws:// or wss:// address of your server

  • name (Optional) Sets the name to display for the server, if left undefined then the default name displayed for the server is the server_name: variable of config.yml of the server being pinged (once the server responds)

  • forceName (Optional) Sets if the name parameter should always be shown as the server's name instead of the pinged server's config.yml server_name: sent in the response to the ping. Default is false, so by default the optional name parameter is only shown until the server responds with it's configured server_name:, which is then displayed instead until the ping is sent again

  • hideAddress (Optional) Sets if the second line of the server's MOTD should not display the addr parameter on the canvas while it is still connecting, and then also if it shouldn't display the addr when the destination server's response does not specify a second line in it's MOTD. Default is false

  • hideCracked (Optional) Sets if the warning icon and padlock icon, which indicate if the server uses online mode or not, should be hidden from the embed so nobody can tell if your server is cracked or not. Default is false