A branch off of FlamedDogo99's eaglercraft mobile UI
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EPM LogoEagler Pocket Mobile v1.40

A revamp of FlamedDogo99's eaglercraft mobile UI using pocked edition UI.
Now currently just a reskin with different positions!

Ingame Photo


v1.40 - Updated to the most modern version from FlamedDogo.
v1.31 - Added offline file (code update in the future).
v1.30 - Condensed code into one file and updated to match original.

eaglercraft.com is using v1.31


Just add following code into index.html file of your eaglercraft!

<script type="text/javascript" src="eaglerpocketmobile.user.js"></script>

A demo of the code can be seen in the Demo's folder
Or play the offline version in the Offline file!

Features added

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  • Strafe buttons when holding forward
  • Crouch lock on hold
  • Sprint button (sperate from double tapping forward)
  • Misc Platform support (Controller, Keyboard arrows, etc)
  • Cancel button for file upload
  • Styling for file upload
  • Back button for Kiwi browser?
  • Re-orginize button layout (With new icons)
  • Redo the display button functions
  • Pocket Edition UI
  • Updated code from main
  • Bug fixes from original
  • Config file for features
  • Organized Code

Finally here is the live version of the code!