A userscript that allows EaglerCraft to run on mobile browsers
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Eagler Mobile LogoEagler Mobile

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Eagler Mobile brings new functionality and benefits for the EaglerCraft web client by providing mobile-friendly touch controls, keyboard access, and other settings configurable through the EaglerCraft client.

Eagler Mobile Screenshot


Currently all developement is focusing on the 1.8.8 client, however functionality will be brought to previous versions soon.


The easiest way to use Eagler Mobile is to use a userscript application such as Greasemonkey, however since Eagler Mobile is plain JavaScript you can easily deploy it in other ways as well. As an example we've included eaglermobile.ef.js which can be run as a mod on EaglerForge.

See more examples
  1. Self hosted

If you are hosting the EaglerCraft client on your own server, you can include the mobile script in the index.html folder as a script.

<script type="text/javascript" src="yourDirectory/eaglermobile.user.js"></script>

  1. Other userscript applications

Non-mobile browsers:

  • Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge, Opera Next, Microsoft Edge: Tampermonkey



If you want to download the source, no building is required. The best way to download the source is with Git:

git clone https://github.com/FlamedDogo99/EaglerMobile.git


Eagler Mobile provides a variety of mobile controls and gestures to navigate the EaglerCraft client. While many controls mimic Minecraft Pocket Edition's controls, other controls have been added to interact with Minecraft Java Edition features.

See list of controls
Input / Gesture Result Additional Details
Walk forward button Walk forwards On Press: Shows strafe buttons
Strafe left Strafe left Hidden without walking forward
Strafe right Strafe right Hidden without walking forward
Walk left button Walk left
Walk right button Walk right
Walk backwords button Walk backwords
Jump button Jump Double Tap: Fly
Crouch button Crouch On Hold: Locks button
Sprint button Sprint On Hold: Locks button
Break block button Break block
Place block button Place block
Select block button Select block
Inventory button Open inventory
Drop item button Drop item
Scroll left button Scroll left
Scroll right button Scroll Right
Pause button Pause
Chat button Open chat
Change perspective button Change perspective
Screenshot button Take screenshot
Toggle coordinates button Toggle coordinates
Back button Go back
Keyboard button Toggle keyboard
Short touch Primary click On Drag: Mouse movement
Long touch Secondary click On Drag: Mouse movement
Two finger touch Scroll


Because Eagler Mobile does not directly inject code into the EaglerCraft client, Eagler Mobile's touch controls only work for the standard control scheme that the EaglerCraft client is set to start with. Editing the controls in the EaglerCraft client could create unintended behavior.


Suggestions and bug reports

If you found a bug or have a suggestion create an issue after checking for duplicates.


Before contributing code, please read our contributing guidelines.

Features and documentation

Fake API's

  • Pointerlock methods such as Element.prototype.requestPointerLock, document.pointerLockElement, and document.exitPointerLock are replaced with vanilla JavaScript that mimics pointerlock functionality. This allows the EaglerCraft client to load.
  • Fullscreen methods such as Element.prototype.requestFullscreen, document.fullscreenElement, and document.exitFullscreen are replaced with vanilla JavaScript that mimics fullscreen functionality. This fixes a crash due with viewport dimensions.

Keyboard Events

  • The EaglerCraft client captures keypress through a keydown event listener. Because Android devices currently have an issue with keydown and keyup events, Eagler Mobile dynamically toggles between capturing keydown and input events. The state is saved in window.keyboardFix, and is toggled if a faulty keyboard event is detected.
  • To dispatch keyboard events, Eagler Mobile requires the use of the keyEvent function, in order to maintain functionality for input event listeners. For example, typing an uppercase h in the chat is as simple as:
    keyEvent("shift", "keydown");
    keyEvent("h", "keydown");

Mobile controls

  • Eagler Mobile controls can either be shown in-game or in-menu. When creating a an element you can achieve this simply by either adding the inGame or inMenu class.
  • Simple gesture controls such as scrolling, single pressing, and long pressing have been implemented, however there are currently no functions provided to easily bring this functionality to other elements.

File uploads

  • On MacOS and iOS safari, the EaglerCraft client's implementation of triggering the file selection dialog does not work. A rudimentary fix has been added for now.


Eagler Mobile is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Intended future features

  • Gamepad support: Mapping gamepad inputs to keyEvent, wheelEvent and mouseEvent functions, and implenting a controllable fake cursor for menus.
  • File upload improvements: Adding a cancel button and improving the styling
  • Dynamic enable and disable of features: Seperating gamepad controls, touch controls, pointerlock fix, and upload fix into seperate functions which can be enabled and disabled by the user